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Cigma Healthcare Academy

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CIGMA Healthcare Academy in Cochin is a pioneer in Medical Billing and Coding Training. Over the last few decades, from the comfort of their home or from our offices, thousands of medical transcriptionists, medical coders have built their careers through CIGMA. We are dedicated to helping students improve their lives through affordable, real-world healthcare it education that prepares you for the specific skills and capabilities you need to succeed as a biller and coder.

AAPC Approved Training Center

The AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) is widely recognized for credentialing both physician- and hospital-based coders and is expanding to offer physician training services to practices as well as a credential for healthcare attorneys and IT staff. The organization also offers access to continuing education opportunities and a job database. In addition to regional conferences, the AAPC has a national convention every year, where you can find both educational and networking opportunities.

Our Facilities

  • Onsite - Regular Class Room training
  • Online training
  • Evening Batches for employees
  • Weekend training
  • Separate Hostel Facilities available for boys and girls
  • Interview tips and advice
  • Medical Coding and Billing Software training
  • Excellent computer lab for training and test
  • AAPC Exam registration guidance and services
  • AAPC Exam preparation (15+ Mock question papers) with Original ICD, CPT, HCPCS text Books

If you are interested in becoming a certified professional coder, contact CIGMA Healthcare Academy today and learn how to get started on this exciting career path! Register for the upcoming training course to obtain the globally recognized certification as Medical Coder affiliated with AAPC.
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