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Cigma Medical Coding Academy is the premier medical coding excellence training provider in Kerala. We train/create innovative and engaging programs leading to employment, development, and advancement in the largest and fastest growing fields within medical coding industry.

So, we are absolutely 100% committed to medical coding training standards and provide the best infrastructure with well-equipped class room and lab facilities. Everything we update is tied to support and empower learners by focusing on their career progression and future.

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For me everything was just perfect in Cigma. The teaching atmosphere was great so that the faculty.The last two week preparation was the true game changer for me.The preparation exams and discussion were very useful and special thanks to the brain of Cigma Bibin sir.Bibin sir was truly inspiring and cleared all my doubts during the preparation class.I was able to Pass the exam in the first attempt only because of the training provided by Cigma.I recommend Cigma Academy for anyone who is aspiring to make a career in medical coding field.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Cigma Medical Coding Academy, especially Bibin Sir and other teaching faculties for their constant support and guidance which helped me to clear the AAPC exam in the first attempt itself with a great score. I am thankful to all non teaching staffs too for their support and cooperation. As far as the teaching faculties are concerned, they are truly knowledgeable and are always ready to help you out in case of any queries and difficulties. Most importantly, the last two weeks of rigorous exam preparation is the crucial part of the training which would help to boost up your confidence to tackle the exam with ease. Therefore I would highly recommend Cigma Medical Coding to all those who want to pursue a career in medical coding. I wish all the very best for Cigma in their future endeavours. Thank you.


Such an awesome privilege to be a Student at CIGMA, the Medical Coding Academy which truly encourages to stretch yourself and reach for the stars. The materials being taught on the daily class are well organised, made easy and simple. CIGMA keeps up the quality of training throughout the course. The real game changer was the last 12 days exam preparation and Mock tests, where you are constantly challenged and stretched to achieve more, learn more and do more, which in fact helped me a lot to clear the CPC exam in the first attempt. I highly recommend CIGMA for those who wish to obtain a career as a medical coder. Nothing compares to this coaching institute - High standards with real outcome. Such gratitude . Thank you all. Keep going. You are the leader, always stay as the leader.


My Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to entire family of Cigma. Thank You Bibin sir and all the trainers once again from the bottom of my Heart. Pleasant atmosphere for learning. Excellent coordination of the trainers with the students. In short I would say "Cigma is a feel free place to learn Medical Coding" where u can openly clear all your doubts without any hesitation. The exam preps were indeed a great help in time management and boosting up your confidence for the exam. Thank you Cigma Family for all your support and guidance towards my achievement in AAPC - CPC examination. Last but not the least Thankful to God Almighty for the Grace He has showered upon each trainers of Cigma . God bless!! Wishing Cigma all the very best in their forward journey.


Thanks to the Brilliant and helpful class provided by Cigma.its a better training center to make your carrier bright..My special thanks to Bibin sir who motivates every students ,how to pass the exam in the first attempt itself.The 2weeks Mock Exam practice really helped me to understand how to approach each questions with it's guidelines & modifiers.i would like to thank all the teaching faculties of cigma Reshmi mam,Anju mam,Neethu mam etc...for the excellent knowledge they have sharing to the students.i can say this institute is one of the best academy for medical coding & Billing with 100percent job placement .last but not the least sincere thanks to Sachin for all the helps & support he had given to me...Do you Want to become a Medical coder?if yes I suggest Cigma 100percent.


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