Who are we..?

We are well-trained certified training professionals with hands on experience from medical coding industry committed to a high standard of integrity to medical coding training. We dedicated to helping students improve their lives through affordable, real-world medical coding education that prepares them for careers in specific fields that are currently in need of new professionals.

We focus on your specific needs to build a long-term satisfying relationship with you based on mutual trust and competitive pricing to fulfill your expectation from a training academy. . Instead of providing broad education, our programs teach specific skill sets in just 3-6 months, so students can quickly be career ready.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive medical coding programs that are taught in a convenient, thorough, and affordable manner to build new employment or career advancement of the student.

Our Mission

Improving professional learning outcomes by raising the status and quality of teaching in medical coding education.

Why Cigma is best for medical coding training

Institutional Objectives

Cigma Medical Coding Academy. Achieves its goals through the fulfillment of the following objectives


To offer courses of medical coding industry standards and employment demands.


To provide educational programs through a successful instructional delivery methodology that develops the student’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work habits.


To provide easy access to educational and student support services that contribute to the student’s success.


To prepare students for employment within the industry for which they are trained.

Institutional Goals

The relationship between the institutional mission and the needs of the public are served by offering comprehensive healthcare programs that are taught in a convenient, thorough, and affordable manner, with the ultimate goal being new employment or career advancement for the student. It is our aim to provide competency skills for students who are actively pursuing a career path that meets their interest and aptitude.

Our Facilities

Onsite - Regular Class Room training(Monday to Friday)

Online training(schedule your convenient time)

Evening Batches for employees

Weekend training(Saturday and Sunday for students and employees)

Separate Hostel Facilities available for boys and girls

Interview tips and advice

Medical Coding and Billing Software training

Excellent computer lab for training and test

AAPC Exam preparation (15+ Mock question papers) with Original ICD, CPT, HCPCS text Books

Smart AC class rooms
equipped with audio visual facilities

LMS access for revising the topics