For me everything was just perfect in Cigma. The teaching atmosphere was great so that the faculty.The last two week preparation was the true game changer for me.The preparation exams and discussion were very useful and special thanks to the brain of Cigma Bibin sir.Bibin sir was truly inspiring and cleared all my doubts during the preparation class.I was able to Pass the exam in the first attempt only because of the training provided by Cigma.I recommend Cigma Academy for anyone who is aspiring to make a career in medical coding field.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Cigma Medical Coding Academy, especially Bibin Sir and other teaching faculties for their constant support and guidance which helped me to clear the AAPC exam in the first attempt itself with a great score. I am thankful to all non teaching staffs too for their support and cooperation. As far as the teaching faculties are concerned, they are truly knowledgeable and are always ready to help you out in case of any queries and difficulties. Most importantly, the last two weeks of rigorous exam preparation is the crucial part of the training which would help to boost up your confidence to tackle the exam with ease. Therefore I would highly recommend Cigma Medical Coding to all those who want to pursue a career in medical coding. I wish all the very best for Cigma in their future endeavours. Thank you.


Such an awesome privilege to be a Student at CIGMA, the Medical Coding Academy which truly encourages to stretch yourself and reach for the stars. The materials being taught on the daily class are well organised, made easy and simple. CIGMA keeps up the quality of training throughout the course. The real game changer was the last 12 days exam preparation and Mock tests, where you are constantly challenged and stretched to achieve more, learn more and do more, which in fact helped me a lot to clear the CPC exam in the first attempt. I highly recommend CIGMA for those who wish to obtain a career as a medical coder. Nothing compares to this coaching institute - High standards with real outcome. Such gratitude . Thank you all. Keep going. You are the leader, always stay as the leader.


My Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to entire family of Cigma. Thank You Bibin sir and all the trainers once again from the bottom of my Heart. Pleasant atmosphere for learning. Excellent coordination of the trainers with the students. In short I would say "Cigma is a feel free place to learn Medical Coding" where u can openly clear all your doubts without any hesitation. The exam preps were indeed a great help in time management and boosting up your confidence for the exam. Thank you Cigma Family for all your support and guidance towards my achievement in AAPC - CPC examination. Last but not the least Thankful to God Almighty for the Grace He has showered upon each trainers of Cigma . God bless!! Wishing Cigma all the very best in their forward journey.


Thanks to the Brilliant and helpful class provided by Cigma.its a better training center to make your carrier bright..My special thanks to Bibin sir who motivates every students ,how to pass the exam in the first attempt itself.The 2weeks Mock Exam practice really helped me to understand how to approach each questions with it's guidelines & modifiers.i would like to thank all the teaching faculties of cigma Reshmi mam,Anju mam,Neethu mam etc...for the excellent knowledge they have sharing to the students.i can say this institute is one of the best academy for medical coding & Billing with 100percent job placement .last but not the least sincere thanks to Sachin for all the helps & support he had given to me...Do you Want to become a Medical coder?if yes I suggest Cigma 100percent.


You will get Quality education under the proper guidance from cigma .Throughout my preparations I have asked infinite number of questions and every time all my teachers have patiently and happily explained me the entire topic till the concept was 100% comprehendible by me.The best thing about cigma is that it always welcomes the feedback of their students and tries their level best to fulfill the needs and requirements of them...I thank bipin sir n co for helping me pass d exam in first chance.... don't hesitate to join if u r willing to do ur part.


Thank you CIGMA for helping me to pass CPC in first attempt and with a wonderful result of 89%. I started my studies in another institution and lost all the courage to appear for CPC, thank u Cigma for helping me in the crisis. The crash course n the exam preparation was so helpful. Bibin sir, Bhavana miss, Neethu miss n all the staff .... . Thank u all for ur support, inspiring words... Anyone looking for medical coding , u just join Cigma. All u need is just a mind to study Cigma will provide u the best coaching. The best option for u!!! Thank you.


Cigma medical coding academy is the only academy I recommend for the medical coding students because they provide us with an excellent training, so friendly, very truthful, truly knowledgeable teachers, atmosphere filled with only positive vibes.. i hv been to another institutions where they haven’t trained us properly(i lost 2 attempts beacuse of spectrum institute, South) .. whereas Cigma academy even provides the best exam preparations with different mock tests easy to tough types, which helps you to attend your exam with full confidence 💪 and power, helps you to score very good marks and that helped me score good marks 😍❤️ And They make sure that you get placed in the best sector. 😍 Right now em placed in Mumbai at gebbs healthcare solutions which is an U.S outsourcing company. i got the placement right after my resuts cameout .. i.e morning my results came and i was directly placed the day after Thaaaat quick it was... I really don’t know how to ? thank Bibin sir for guiding me at the bestest way..especially the motivation 😍 you give the students that lead to success.. with excellent classes, notes, sharing his and students experiences ✌ I hope you will share my experience too sir..😍 I thank our teacher’s for giving us good training 😍 and for their great support.. they are very helpful.. always helps if doubts occur..very friendly.. I thank bhavana ?maam for spending extra time for helping me for covering the chapters which I missed out when exams got near.. Let godbless this cigma family 😍❤️ Abundantly.


Cigma is the best place to become a medical coder. Coming from another state ie Karwar, Karnataka whr u dont know malayalam but each n everyone treats u so good specially the teachers asking me in class all time whether i understood and all the help I got makes u feel really special ? I passed out my exam and thanks to all the teachers. Thank u Bibin Sir and Neetu Maam for ur support and care. Thanks to Usha miss who helped me lot with my doubts and teaching new things. Many people told me why I chose to go to Kochi since there were many institutes in Krntka itself. I would tell Im glad and lucky I chose Cigma because there is a very frndly atmosphere here. I would recommend anyone to study here.


CIGMA, an excellent gateway for people who dreams about a reputed job or a detour for professionals who seeking for a career change .I am utilising this opportunity to thank CIGMA for my success in CPC exam on my first attempt. Thank you Bibin Sir, the founder of the institution for your powerful and motivational support. Your knowledge is so deep and your memory is so remarkable ! Thank you all teaching staff specially Neethu mam and Bhavana mam for your outstanding guidance and support. Thank you Sachin and other non-teaching staff for a friendly and homely atmophere.I am so thankful to Bibin sir for the placement I got on day 3 of my exam results !! Indeed I will recommend CIMA to the world.


I take this opportunity to convey my gratitude towards the whole faculty in Cigma institute. .As I am from a technical side, I thought it would be hard to clear the exams. But the faculties in Cigma helped me a lot and I could conquer the exam in first chance itself. The support from the institution have no words. They trained me well as a medical coder. I can proudly say that Cigma institute is the best in town. I will strongly recommend this institution for all my friends.


It is my privilege to say that I was a student of Cigma Medical Coding Academy and I cleared CPC EXAM in the first attempt itself. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the faculties of Cigma especially to Bibin sir, whose integrity and passion towards Medical coding and teaching is highly appreciable. Your mentoring has inspired and motivated me enormously for the successful completion of the course. I can never thank you enough. I highly recommend CIGMA MEDICAL CODING ACADEMY, to become a qualified professional coder.


I'm very happy to say that I'm a student of Cigma medical coding academy. Cigma is an excellent choice to study medical coding-- quality training, well-trained staffs, individual attention, exam preparation, placement opportunity. I'm very thankful to the entire Cigma team who helped me to pass my CPC exam. Bibin Sir - he is the man behind this institution. His dedication is the one which we should follow. The last 2week exam preparation and mock tests were very helpful. I'm also thankful to Dophy Ma'am, Divya Ma'am, Hafsa Ma'am, Sachin and all other staffs. I truly recommend this institute for anyone who wish to study medical coding and billing. Thank you Cigma team


I passed my CPC exam on my first attempt. I can say without any doubt the one and only reason behind my success is the excellent guidance and support provided by the entire team of cigma.15 days of exam preparation helped me a lot to improve my coding skill, confidence, and time management under the guidance of Bibin sir. I would like to express my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to the entire team of Cigma especially to Bibin sir. He is the back bone of the institute and the man who behind the all the success. His dedication, and efforts are beyond words. I would strongly recommended Cigma health care academy for those who are intrested a career in medical coding. I can say proudly Cigma is the best choice. Thank u Cigma


Cigma is the best academy in this field.. Classes are excellent with well trained staffs. I don’t have any medical background but I passed with 78% marks. Cigma provided placement for me in a reputed company. I passed the exam just 4mnths ago, and now I’m in Abudhabi. Cigma helped me in every stages. Thank you Bibin sir


I would like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Cigma Medical Coding Academy, the staff and faculty members especially Bibin Sir and Dophy Ma'am for all the help and support to achieve this success in AAPC exam. In spite of being a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering and without any specific science background, I could get a high score in CPC exam only because of the professional guidance and well planned training I received from them. I can't refrain myself from mentioning about the expert exam training program which gave me the courage to face the exam with full confidence. I would highly recommend Cigma Academy for anyone who wants to build a career in the field of medical coding. Thank you one and all.


Thank you Cigma coding academy for helping me to pass cpc exam in first try....well experienced and knowledgeable faculty is the advantage of cigma. Cigma health care academy provide an awesome environment for my CPC Exam training program with real-time facility. The best part of Cigma is that they are ready to provide all sorts of help and support to all students. The exam preparation boost my confidence and time management. I am very much thankful to Bibin sir for his effort and support and Cigma entire teams ...I must recommend Cigma healthcare academy for those who are interested a career in medical coding.


In my quest for searching Medical Coding Institute to be a Certified Coder, I found various institutes, but as per my intuition, I selected Cigma Medical Coding Academy, and I'm glad to select this Institute. The training provided by Bibin Sir and other qualified trainers were awesome. The trainers were friendly yet professional. They stood for us for all the queries and would even come to our respective tables to solve any doubts. The 15-day exam prep just prior to our AAPC exam is like a hard shell to crack and is extremely fruitful.
Today I'm glad to be a Certified Coder through Cigma. Thank you Cigma, Thank you God. I highly recommend Cigma to anybody who wanna pursue to be a Medical Coder.


This was my second attempt to clear the exam, the experience from the first institute I applied was totally devastating and I of course didn’t clear in that attempt. But this is when I approached Cigma, their expert guidance and coaching given at Cigma was an eye opener and a saviour and helped me clear the exam. Highly recommended the best staff, the best institute, highly committed. A big thank you and kudos to the entire team.


I would say thanks to CIGMA and its excellent faculty who helped me to pass my CPC exam on my first attempt and the 15 days exam preparation was vitals to achieve my target .A special thanks to Bibin Sir who helped me to get a wonderful opportunity to work in India and UAE. I recommend Cigma health care academy as the best institute for the one who decide to build up their career in medical coding and billing.


Cigma is one of the best coaching center in medical coding field. I took the online course and was taught by vani mam and dophy mam and they were the thing you shouldn’t miss out is the 15 days exam preparation coaching. DONT MISS IT!! I can tell you from my experience that these 15 days coaching is what made me pass!!not just pass but with 88%.All the credit goes to bibin sir !! Just do exactly what he tells for the exam and you will pass!!! Thanks to the entire cigma team for their dedication and support!! May GOD bless!!


CIGMA MEDICAL CODING ACADEMY is best institute to get trained and certified in MEdical Coding and Scribing.They provide best guidence and coaching to get placement in HEALTHCARE IT industry... Thank you CIGMA for your support and assistance to clear my CPC exam and for the placement in HEALTHCARE IT industry.. I highly recommend CIGMA...


Great place extraordinary faculties facilities etc. that we didn’t get anywhere in Kerala.. Exam preparation days was really awesome.. All their support positive motivation leads me to get certification in first chance itself.. Especially Bibin sir was really talented and sincere to his institution and people came to learn there in all sectors. Moreover he will moulded them whatever background and age they are. The best place to learn medical IT career


CIGMA Healthcare Academy......Excellent experience ......Expert and Dedicated Faculties....I am really happy....I would like to thank all my teachers for support and valuable prayers..Now am become a CPC coder.....Anyone wants to study medical coding ...I highly recommend CIGMA INSTITUTE.....


I started my course in another institute based at Aluva but failed in my first attempt. Later I learned about this institute and joined here and was able to secure 82% marks. I am very happy to say that they give the best training and support to pass certified medical coder exam. The best thing i would like to note here is that they give lot of emphasis on the time management part of writing this exam, because of which there were no tensions for me when i appeared for this exam. Thanks once again cigma and Mr Bibin.


Very good training on cpt and icd 10, Before the cpc exam two weeks of intensive mock tests are conducted which instills great confidence and ease during the final AAPC exam. Good teaching, tutors are always ready to assist us. An ideal place for aspirants on medical coding and medical scribing.


Immediately on completion of the medical coding course from CIGMA Healthcare Academy, Cochin, I got placed at Al Safa Polyclinic, Doha as Medical Coder. Online coaching using skype has been very much effective and convenient considering the situation that I have been learning from Doha distantly. Thank you CIGMA for the outstanding coaching and placement assistance!


It was an awesome experience with Cigma Healthcare academy!! The way of teaching and exam preparation made me to clear the CPC exam; moreover teachers, spacious classrooms and management helped me a lot throughout the course. My special thanks to Mr.Bibin he is awe-inspiring, wealth of knowledge and happy to answer any queries throughout.


Thank you Cigma for such an excellent course. You prepped us with such devotion, and the classes were excellent, the exam preparation was perfect which helped us get through the exam... Thank you Cigma team all your help... This was the right choice for me......


Excellent institute to pursue and start a career in medical coding. Dedicated and well trained faculty members instilled great knowledge and confidence from day 1. They extremely helped me out to clear cpc exam with 83% in first chance. I should say that all faculties, facilities, training and exam preparation was just awesome. Each day of the mock test reminded me the phrase"failures are the stepping stone to success". I highly recommend Cigma healthcare academy for all who wants to build a career as medical coder.


This institute was impressed by its quality of training which I got with a indisputable leaders in medical coding and billing training in Kerala. Cigma has the industry leader with excellent certification pass percentage track record consecutively in last years. Excellent institute help me step by step in achieving all credentials to develop and start my career. I should say all facilities and training method in exam preparation with updated coding guidelines and way of teaching all are awesome With all their support I gained my CPC certification in first chance itself..


Thanks to Cigma Healthcare Academy for passing the CPC exam at first attempt. Even i am Bcom Graduate, the method of training in Anatomy and medical terminolgy, diseases, treatment etc..makes very interesting and easy. The Exam preparation with updated materials was very useful, with original books. Great thanks to Bibin sir to spend time and clear the doubts during the exam preparation time. And the staffs Dophy, vani madam are very supportive and their teaching was very excellent. Management was very suppotive esspecially Neethu madam and Sachin. Complete assisstance was provided so i did not get any difficulty in exam registration, result, date assigning, book arrangements, exam guidance etc. i am 100% statisfied with the services provided by Cigma- excellent academy for Medical Coding for training. Anyone wants to study Medical coding i strongly recommend this institute. Thank you Cigma. thank you Very much.


Excellent choice for people who seek quality training in medical coding. Intensive training from qualified trainers. Credit for our success goes to the devotion of the management.


Cigma healthcare Academy.... Excellent experience!!!..Trainers are extremely dedicated..I am really satisfied with service of this institute.Online coaching using skype has been very much effective. Thank u CIGMA ..


I completed ICD-10 with training from CIGMA and help me recommend for posting a Coding job in Doha, It was new experience for the Medical coding class which I got a professional experience earlier. I really thank to CIGMA.


Cigma healthcare academy.. a best institute for medical coding. All the teaching faculties are supportive and gives confidence for exam which made me do well in my exam preparations and in CPC exam with all there blessing and prayers i passed CPC . Thanks a lot for all your support ,especially thanks to Bibin sir who helped all through the way.